Snooper 2019 industry report series

How to win during key selling periods

Discover which alcohol brands and categories were the most visible in store this summer

100 Days of Summer

Report overview

Understanding the drivers of performance during key selling periods has never been more important for informing optimal investment, innovation and execution for suppliers.

Snooper has launched a  new ‘Industry Report’  series to  help liquor players maximise the ROI  on their sales & marketing strategy. Following the success of our Father’s Day research, we are now launching the next issue of our ‘key selling periods’ insight series:   100 DAYS OF SUMMER !

Between November 1st and January 31st, Snooper will collect data on in store execution and display measurement in a representative sample of liquor retailers to help alcohol suppliers understand which brands and categories won and what drove their performance. The report will compare KPIs across key retail events this summer, from Spring Races to Christmas and the start of 2020.

As a supplier fill in the form below to show your interest or contribute to the report by sending additional questions and KPIs they would like to see answered in the report (deadline: Monday October 28th).

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What’s included in this report?


Understand how suppliers leverage store assets and off-location displays during this key selling period, and which brands were able to create the most impactful touchpoints outside the shelves.


– Share of display per category;
– Display penetration at brand level to understand who outperformed the market within each category and who managed to maximise the number of touchpoints outside the aisle;
– Presence of “themed” creative concepts and shopper insights on the impact of displays in store;
– Comparison of all KPIs across retail banners and by retail event (e.g. Spring Races vs. Christmas) to help you prioritise your investments during key selling periods;

You can request additional KPIs by showing your interest here below.


This report will focus on the Champagne and Spirits categories.
Are you an alcoholic beverage player and you didn’t see your category in this list (e.g. Beer, Wine, Cider, RTD) ? Click on ‘I’m interested’ to send us your request.


Our Snoopers will visit a sample of stores including Dan Murphy’s, independents, BWS and Liquorland.


We will launch four waves of store checks to compare different periods:

  • Wave 1: From 1/11 to 12/11 – Spring Races
  • Wave 2: From 13/11 to 3/12 – lead up to Christmas
  • Wave 3: From 4/12 to 31/12 – Festive season
  • Wave 4: From 1/1 to 31/1 – New Year/Summer
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