Which displays caught the attention of shoppers in October 2019?

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Snooper best display of the month

At Snooper we understand the importance of having a great in-store execution that benefits manufacturers, retailers and shoppers. We also believe inspiration doesn’t only come from what your direct competitors do but from other categories as well.

?? This is why, each month, our Snoopers report hundreds of in-store activations that caught their attention and vote for the ‘best display of the month’.

Did your brand catch their attention this month? Here is a short summary of our favourite activations for October. Our shoppers spotted a lot of spooky Halloween displays ? Congratulations to all the brands!

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Trick-or-treat? ? With Cadbury big castle, we're going for ALL the treats!

Our shoppers couldn’t miss this Cadburry castle full of treats. It was by far, their favourite display this month! Congratulations to the Cadburry team for being able to create such an amazing shopper experience during this key selling period for confectionery players. 

Best display execution

Chocolate for Halloween? We say YES with Mars ?

Another favourite pick of our Snoopers: this spooky Mars display!

Not enough treats? Ferrero is taking care of you ?

But Halloween is not just for brands. Retailers can also leverage this occasion to drive higher sales!

Woolies went all in for Halloween and shoppers can’t miss it ? We especially love the watermelon touch ?

We loooove this idea from Lindt!

Who doesn’t love to pick and choose? This display will definitely catch the attention of any shoppers, chocolate lover or not.

The Monster team scored AGAIN with this phenomenal activation!

Who said catching the attention of shoppers was hard?

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