Which displays caught the attention of shoppers in August 2019?

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Snooper best display of the month

At Snooper we understand the importance of having a great in-store execution that benefits manufacturers, retailers and shoppers. We also believe inspiration doesn’t only come from what your direct competitors do but from other categories as well.

?? This is why, each month, our Snoopers report hundreds of in-store activations that caught their attention and vote for the ‘best display of the month’.

Did your brand catch their attention this month? Here is a short summary of our favourite activations.

Our favourite! ?Peanut butter and great execution... a winning combo! ?

We love this great execution from MacroMike at Woolies! Great use of in-store assets (end-of-aisle gondola), stand alone displays and merchandising with Macro Mike looking straight at you when entering the store! Well done!

Winter products ⛄️ Comfy food and Soar throat lozenges is all we need...

Chocolate, Milo and Oats… What else do we need to end the Winter? Maybe a few Vicks ? ? 

Uncle Toby's

Best collaboration! ??

This month Golden was highly visible in-store with its Golden display but especially with its collaboration with Nutella. Really, what could beat a Golden Crumpet with Nutella!!! +1Pt for the Tip Top bins well present this month as well.

Beverages: product launches and tough competition ??

Amazing work from Coca-Cola Amatil! Congratulations to all teams for creating these fantastic off-location displays!

How cool is this Powerade rugby field? Proof that anything is possible in store…

And should we talk about this Monster display?! But be careful, Coca-Cola’s new baby might be coming for you! It was great to see so many ENERGY displays in store this month


Noodles please! It's the Moon Festival ?

Suimin was highly visible in store, just on time for the Moon Festival, a key selling period for Noodle players!

Other nominees

And because we just couldn’t ignore this massive wall of Shapes biscuits… Congrats to Arnott’s!

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