Halloween Shopper Insights

Trick or treat?

Get insights on what shoppers do for Halloween

With Halloween increasing popularity Down Under, Australians leverage the occasion to spend time with their children, gather with the family and party with friends. They are willing to spend between $20 to $51 on Halloween across categories. As a result, the estimated spend on confectionary only (for 2019) was $159M. (source: Food&Drink business).

This increasing popularity makes it worth for brands to fight to get their share of the Halloween treat!

At Snooper, we believe that co-creation and collaboration is key to drive value for the FMCG and Retail industry. Therefore, we gave the opportunity to all our confectionery clients to ask questions related to Halloween to our community of shoppers. 

Here is just a sample of the questions answered in this report:

How are Australians celebrating? How are they planning for the event? What are they buying? What are the main purchase drivers? Why in-store execution matters? And much more…

This report is part of our series on ‘How to win during key selling weeks’. We hope these free actionable insights will help brands and retailers implement inspiring and profitable activations for the upcoming Halloween. 

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