How to win with off locations displays during Christmas?

Track your Display with our Snooper Display Tracker and maximize your ROI during Festive season.

If Covid-19 is bringing a lot of uncertainty to the end of 2020, no doubt that people are eagerly waiting for Christmas to revive family celebrations and soften their ‘new normal’ habits. This year, maybe more than ever, people will celebrate the festive period with an extra shot of enthusiasm.

Brands and retailers would better be ready to convert this enthusiasm into profitable sales. December is historically huge for supermarkets: as an example, food sales reached more than 21 billion in 2019. Paul Harker (Woolworth head of fresh food) used to say about the critical Christmas sales period: “Customers want to be inspired, to help with a bit of wow factor, to make shopping convenient and to balance their budget on key staples”.  It is no secret that all players are fighting even more fiercely during these key selling months.

The battle rages around brands and retailers and everyone brings out its heavy artillery.  Off-location displays are one of the most efficient weapons to win this fight for share of visibility. However, such displays require important marketing investments that can be justified with relevant ROI.

As it is crucial for brands to track their displays, especially during key selling periods, we launched the Snooper Display Tracker. An essential tool to ensure your marketing efforts help you tick the maximum number of boxes of our Success Checklist. 

#1 - Display Penetration

The percentage of stores with displays is the #1 figure to track in order to determine your market penetration. But if this KPI is essential, we also advise you to track your share of display. 

#2 - Display Location

Here is a critical point, especially when it comes to key selling periods, such as Christmas. To attract shoppers’ attention, retailers used to create dedicated areas with a ‘Gifting’ section. Highly visible so that customers can easily identify the hotpot in store, they are often located at the entry of the store or in a very central area. It is therefore important to get your display located in this area, if you want a chance to compete with other players.

Woolworths Capalaba Park – 2019 

Coles Fletcher – 2019

#3 - Core Range On Display

It is essential to track your display assortment during Christmas, to make sure that your best rotating SKUs are available on a highly visible display, with specific Christmas packaging or gifting. An example of best practice would be Cadburry with its Limited edition of Favourite, one of its core range product presented in a very special packaging, especially designed for Christmas.

Woolworths Seaford – Nepean Hwy – 2019

Coles Box Hill – 2019

#4 - Stock level

Do you have enough quantity to mamimse your uplift? That is one of the most important question key players need to ask themselves when checking the impact of their displays. It is all the more important than during the busy festive period, empty displays are quickly filled with other products, sometimes from direct competition. This is a failing that absolutely need to be avoid when competing for market share. 

#5 - Display Attractiveness (Shopper Centric)

No doubt that leveraging the occasions such as Christmas to inspire shoppers and make your brand stand out is a winning strategy. Saying that, we are only half the road to success, because what are the main factors that increase the attractiveness of your display? Creativity is the number one factor and gave you an opportunity to differenciate. KIt may eems logical, however only a few brands invested in creating a Cristmas display. Ferrero as a best practice example, really stands out thanks to its highly visible golden display, perfectly executed, highlighting the premiumness of its products. Coca Cola chose a different strategy, calling our inner child with this massive truck driven by Santa himself. Mondelez capitalized on a direct message, targeting customers suffering from a lack of inspiration, with their Secret Santa house, full of gifts ready to be offered. 

#6 - Likelihood to purchase

If the attractiveness of the display has a certain impact on the likelihood to purchase, there are other significant factors that must be taken into account when planning festive period. Promotions are one of these factors, considering that discounts are seen as a way of trying a new product. Limited edition or special releases are also considered important because shoppers want to feel special, especially druring the period that leads to Christmas.  But there is one essential factor we have not adressed yet: gifting and packaging. According to a McKinsey research (Periscope 2019), the number one concern of shoppers during the Festive season is not knowing what gift to buy (47% respondents). With retailers often dedicating space to a ‘Gifting’ section in their store, it’s worth thinking about how your range can help shoppers in their quest for the perfect gift.

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