Valentine's Day

How to steal the heart of your shoppers during this key selling week

Get insights on what shoppers do for Valentine's Day

Some would argue that Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year. It is for sure an important rendez vous for many Australian brands, especially during the quiet period post-Christmas. If florists and confectionery companies are the busiest businesses during that period, other categories are also battling for their share. With a total of $1.09 billion (IBIS World 2019) spent on gifts & experiences, it is indeed a very lucrative event.

But Valentine’s Day is also quite a debate. If some argue in favour of boycott, others love to express their feelings with chocolate, flowers, or diamonds. In any case, no one is indifferent to Valentine’s Day. Discover what how shopper community thinks of this event and how they are planning to celebrate.

Helping brands and retailers capture the Valentine’s Day revenue opportunities.


At Snooper, we want to help brands and retailers maximise the ROI on their in-store investments, especially when it comes to key selling weeks. We therefore launched a campaign among our shopper community to understand their expectations for Valentine’s Day.

The following report includes 2 chapters:

1) The results of a survey taken by more than 500 snoopers: how much they spend, in which category, in which retail channel, what are their favourite gift bundles, …
2) A deep dive on the chocolate category in grocery based on data collected by our Snoopers in store: which manufacturer owned the promo space, where was chocolate displayed in store, which pack groups over indexed, which promo mechanics were the most used on display etc. 

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