Winter Comfort Food Shopper Insights

Food, dopamine & happiness

Get insights on what shoppers love to eat during winter

Traditional wisdom has it that in winter, human beings crave hearty ‘comfort food’. Things on the heavy and dense side. Foods that tend to be energy and calorie rich. More fats, sugars, and refined carbs. 

This is apparently biological: according to a July ABC News piece, humans have traditionally sought foods to increase body mass in winter to survive since early times. 

Lower mood in winter due to less exposure to sunlight can lead to emotional eating, and carbs can substitute for some of the resulting lost serotonin. 

Warm things such as showers, hot drinks like hot chocolate and comfort foods such as pasta, puddings, and soups release dopamine, serotonin, and glucose to the brain, making us feel happier.

We all have a general perception of comfort food, but what about the categories, products and brands we associate it with? Take a peek at your shoppers’ pantry.


Our Snooper shopper panel back this up. We interviewed 200 shoppers to get special insights about their consumption habits during winter. 

They gave us a clearer picture about what winter comfort means to them and what they are looking for this season (favourite products, brands etc.). They photographed their pantry to highlight their favourite wintry items.

Great food for thought for brands and retailers who want their fair share of the winter season!

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