Digital Community Manager

Your mission

Grow our community

Our community of Snoopers is at the heart of our business! We are looking for a passionate Digital Community Manager to grow, retain and activate our community of Snoopers. There are 4 main pillars to your role: Digital recruitment, Digital Activation, Customer Support, Analytics.

Your duties

  • Community recruitment
    Your goal: Get Snoopers in every cities in Australia and New Zealand, regardless of how remote they are
    • Paid advertising: Define and execute the digital advertising strategy to recruit Snoopers (i.e. mobile app users) at the lowest cost  – Identify most effective advertising channels, prepare advertising plan based on user profiles, prepare targeted advertising messages and creatives, launch and monitor advertising campaigns, manage advertising budget.
    • Other channels: Use your creativity to recruit users in more regional areas where Facebook advertising is less effective.
    • Advertising Analytics & ROI management: Analyse advertising campaign results and optimise campaigns based on key metrics (reach, cost per click, conversion rate, cost per install, …) to keep optimising advertising ROI


  • Community activation – Your Goal: Capitalise on every single shopping trips to get our community to complete as many missions as possible for brands when and where we need it the most. (probably one of your most important duties)
    • Use notifications, Direct Mailing and Newsletters to contact users around active client campaigns to reach our completion targets. You will be in charge of building our completion strategy and executing it on a daily basis.


  • Community engagement– Your Goal: Keep our community engaged even when they’re not completing missions.
    • Create user engagement by organising contest and posting creative content on our social network pages to create stickiness and avoid churn.
    • Use our Facebook page, YouTube channel, Snooper Newsletter, Push notifications to drive user activity. From contests, to Word of Mouth campaigns, just let your creativity to design and test as many engagement mechanisms as possible!


  • Community support Your goal: Deliver best-in-class user support experience for our beloved Snoopers
    • Manage our customer service desk to answer our community’s questions
    • Implement tools and processes to help reduce the number of requests received – you are free to design and pick the options you prefer to take great care of our dear community


  • Analytics
    Your goal: Adopt a data-driven approach to track and improve the community-related KPIs
    • Analyse community behaviours to increase user activity, lower churn and better target recruitment efforts
    • Leverage data to help drive growth in a scalable and sustainable way
    • Collaborate closely with our Product & Tech team and provide input on features required to positively impact community KPIs


  • Very creative and think out of the box
  • Great business sense and analytical skills
  • Very good communication skills and ability to create high quality content and design
  • Very well organised and communicating well on deadlines, priorities and roadblocks
  • Great sense of ownership and autonomy
  • Curious and willing to learn new skills
  • Team player caring deeply about people and culture

Ready to join our team?

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