Share of Visibility data series

The most advanced out-of-aisle visibility report ever produced

We give you access to a weekly report of all promotional activities outside the aisle by computing the share of visibility allocated to different Categories, Subcategories, Manufacturers, Brands, Pack types and Promo mechanics.

Off-location displays

Display stands and floor-stacks at key locations in store

Gondola ends

Font and Back of store

How is the Share of Visibility computed?

Our team of experts developed the most advanced computation algorithm to categories products into 6 levels offering the most granular data ever produced.

How to leverage the data?

The report provides actionable insights to help your team (e.g. sales, category, marketing, field) answer key questions and ensure that you’re getting the best return on investment for your displays and secondary placements.

ROI on in-store investments

Collect granular data at store level and assess correlation with sales to prioritise investments and maximise ROI on below the line activities

Category growth

Leverage data to generate growth for your category and have fact-based discussions with your retail partners

Competitor benchmarking

Get inspired by other categories and benchmark strategy of your direct and indirect competitors (e.g. assortment, promo depth, display creatives)

In-store execution

Leverage real-time data to take actions with your field team or collaborate directly with your retail partners

Categories available

All categories are available at up to 6 levels of granularity

Beiersdorf testimonial

“As part of our Perfect Store KPIs share of display is a really important element.

The reports enable us to determine trends and activity patterns which then allows us to understand promotional frequency and depth and from that we’re able to strategise and determine what are the right promotional activities that we want to embark on.

We utilise that information to ensure that we’re getting the best return on investment for our displays and secondary placements.

So it has influenced where we’re investing and how often we’re doing displays.”

Mandy Dack

Head of customer marketing for Nivea Australia and New Zealand

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