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With key selling periods around the corner, subscribe to our data series to help you track 2 fundamental KPIs during Christmas and Summer:

  • Data series 1: Share of visibility tracker (gondola ends and displays)
  • Data series 2: Out of stocks tracker

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Share of visibility


Measure the share of visibility outside the aisle on a weekly basis.

  • Share of gondola ends
  • Share of displays at key store areas

Data available by category, manufacturer, pack type and promo mechanic.

How to leverage the data

  • Maximise ROI on your activations by analysing the impact of promo investments and space allocation on sales.
  • Leverage data to generate growth for your category and have fact-based discussions with your retail partners.
  • Get inspired by other categories and benchmark strategy of your direct and indirect competitors.
  • Leverage real-time data to take actions with your field team or collaborate directly with your retail partners.

Out Of Stocks


Shoppers cannot buy what’s not there… Out of stocks are the number one annoyance for shoppers.

With summer and Christmas around the corner, track on-shelf availability in real time to maximise volume uplift during key selling periods.

By using our shopper community to track stock level, you get visibility when it matters the most: during peak hours.

How to leverage the data

  • Take real-time actions to help your field force prioritise stores with availability issues.
  • Discuss planogram optimisation with your buyer to ensure top rotating SKUs are always on shelf for your shoppers.
  • Optimise sales forecasts to maximise uplift on future key selling periods.
  • Assess stock allocation flow across touch points in store to drive impulse purchases.

What you get

  • Dashboard: Real time online dashboard with performance comparison by week.
  • Access to raw data: Raw excel database downloadable on your online dashboard at any point in time during or after your campaign.
  • Graph extract: Excel file including all graphs from your dashboard and linked to the underlying data to easily use them in your presentations.
  • Digital photo library: All photos are available on your online dashboard and downloadable in a zip folder. Pictures can be filtered by category, manufacturer, pack group and analysed at state or banner level.
  • Analytics: One of our business analyst is dedicated to your data series and builds all analyses required to help you capture as many insights as possible.
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