Head of customer success

Your mission

Deliver great insights & grow customer engagement

As Head of Customer Success at Snooper you will be responsible for the successful delivery of our clients campaigns.

You will act as a ‘maestro’, prioritising campaigns, defining KPIs to track, organising team work and delivering client insights in line with customer requirements in terms of data, budget, time and coverage.

You will report directly to our CEO, guaranteeing you exposure to our most strategic topics. You will play a central role in our company, working hand in hand with the sales, community management and tech teams.

Your duties

As part of your daily duties, you will be in charge of our clients campaigns from start to end. This includes:

  • Translating client needs into Snooper ‘missions’ in a way that optimises the data collection process (speed and accuracy) and that can turn data into actionable insights that answer our clients most strategic questions.
  • Defining the storyline behind our data so your team of Customer Success Managers can build clear dashboard to translate the data collected by shoppers into actionable insights available in real-time to our clients on the Snooper platform.
  • Ensuring the quality, accuracy and consistency of our data by conducting data integrity analysis on our customer campaigns.
  • Overseeing client interactions with the Associate Consultants to collect input and provide updates along the life of their campaign and ensuring excellent customer satisfaction that leads to repurchase and increased customer engagement.
  • Extracting valuable insights of our client dashboards to help our Business Development team build strong presentations to support them in their customer interactions.
  • Monitoring campaign progress and results and take appropriate actions to meet client deliverables and deadlines.
  • Contributing to optimising our operational processes to support the company growth by developing new tools and ways to automate our product.
  • Working in close relationship with our product and IT team to build the tools that will support our growth.


  • Master’s degree in business.
  • Minimum 2 to 5 years of professional experience.
  • Experience in FMCG or Consulting.
  • Excellent business sense and strong analytical skillset to help our clients extract the best insights from the data collected by our Snoopers.
  • Excellent client management skills.
  • Very well structured, organised and ability to multitask as you will be responsible for multiple client campaigns running in parallel.
  • Very good communication skills as you will be at the centre of the Snooper team.
  • Creative thinking to translate business problems into quick and easy missions for everyday shoppers.
  • Great sense of ownership, personal drive and autonomy.
  • Caring deeply about people, team and culture.

Ready to join our team?

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