Best Displays: Quarter 1 2021

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At Snooper we understand the importance of having great activations that benefit manufacturers, retailers and shoppers. We also believe inspiration doesn’t only come from what your direct competitors do but from other categories as well.

Therefore, each month, our Snoopers report hundreds of displays that caught their attention and take photos of them. Brands that have subscribed to ‘Snooper Best Displays’ have a full access to this library. A rich source of information that help them easily benchmark competition, find inspiration and track the number of votes by brand throughout the year.

As the ‘Best display of the Month’ report is providing a qualitative assessment of the display execution in store, Snooper can also help you assess your off-location strategy from a quantitative perspective: our ‘Share of Visibility’ report tracks share of display by category, brand and pack type.

Here are a few of the displays that really caught our shoppers’ attention from January to March.


Although cold beverages represented only 9% of the ‘best display’ votes, they punched above their (stock) weight in impact … due to their size. Scale was the name of the game early in the year, with Coke receiving great attention from shoppers. 

Energy brands Monster and V garnered a large share of space with eye-catching ‘chance to win’ promotions based around gaming and entertainment.

IGA Xpress Glenwood, QLD – Share a Coke

Coles Edwardstown, SA – Monster Energy Win a Boombox

Coles Redlynch, QLD – V ‘Make it’ Win Xbox series

Other beverage displays catching shoppers’ attention included Coke’s marking the beginning of the AFL footy season with a ‘Win your team’s guernsey’ display, and a large Kirks display promoting local.

Coles Maddington, WA – Coke Footy Guernsey

Coles Bondi Westfield, NSW – Kirks

Back to School

One in six of our shoppers’ ‘best display’ votes went to breakfast and bakery, largely driven by a number of scale displays underneath Back to School. Nutella’s school buses and ‘Make Mornings Taste better’ attracted attention.

Coles Macquarie Centre, NSW – Nutella’s School Bus

Coles Sandy Bay, TAS – Nutella ‘ Make Mornings Taste bettter’

Tip Top’s large displays included a ‘Win a back to school pack’ promotion, whilst competitor Wonder went for the school theme with pencil based displays. 

Coles Earlville, Vic – Tip Top

Coles Riverton, WA – Wonder

Nestle took a different tack, with ‘Make back to school easy’ cross category displays across Uncle Toby’s products, Milo, and even Maggi noodles achieving significant scale in- store.

Coles Riverton, WA – Nestle

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day appeared to lose out on the confectionery front to all of the Easter displays that started popping up in February, but our shoppers did observe some flower displays, and some cards.

Early Easter

Unsurprisingly, Cadbury purple featured largely, with scale displays including a ‘win $100 instantly’ promotion and some featuring bunnies.

Coles Wetherill Parl, NSW – Cadbury

Other manufacturers such as Ferrero also invested early this year. For example, their Kinder display with the theme ‘Surprise them this Easter’ and their Ferrero Rocher display “Unwrap Easter”  were available in February promoting their special packaging and Easter range.

Coles Macquarie Center, NSW – Kinder

Coles Box Hill, VIC – Ferrero

Inflatable bunnies by Lindt also caught shoppers’ attention in some stores, along with inflatable egg baskets, in the bakery section promoting Easter buns.

Coles Robina, QLD – Lindt

Coles Secret Harbour, WA – Lindt

And amid all of the Easter noise, M&Ms held their own with ‘Dig into M&Ms’ displays promoting their new Crunchy Caramel noted by shoppers in a number of stores across the country  while their Easter activations hit the stores later than their competitors.

Coles Marion, SA – M&M

And then there's...

The last word goes to John West Tuna, whose simple but tidy market style display was noticed by shoppers in a number of stores.

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