Best Displays: Quarter 2 2021

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At Snooper we understand the importance of having great activations that benefit manufacturers, retailers and shoppers. We also believe inspiration doesn’t only come from what your direct competitors do but from other categories as well.

Therefore, each month, our Snoopers report hundreds of displays that caught their attention and take photos of them. Brands that have subscribed to ‘Snooper Best Displays’ have a full access to this library. A rich source of information that help them easily benchmark competition, find inspiration and track the number of votes by brand throughout the year.

As the ‘Best display of the Month’ report is providing a qualitative assessment of the display execution in store, Snooper can also help you assess your off-location strategy from a quantitative perspective: our ‘Share of Visibility’ report tracks share of display by category, brand and pack type.

Here are a few of the displays that really caught our shoppers’ attention from April to June.

Holding the chocolate real estate

Cadbury continued to dominate confectionery displays, with 12% of total best displays across all categories and a substantial number of multibrand displays promoting both Dairy Milk and Old Gold as part of a “Find the ticket and win $1000” draw. (Reminiscent of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Golden Ticket). Snack Shop activations also saw the inclusion of Mondelez’ Oreos brand.

Coles Earlville Mulgrave Rd

IGA Bowral

It wasn’t just about Cadbury though. Ferrero’s Kinder Surprise Disney Princess displays attracted attention, as did Darrell Lea’s vendor stall and for some, Nestle’s “Discover Dark Down Under”. 

Coles Beeliar

SupaIGA Morgans Gisborne

SupaIga Morgans Gisborne

Coles Chatswood Chase

Breakfast and bakery, soup and stock, hot beverages warm things up as the season cools down in autumn

Breakfast and bakery was largely sewn up by George Weston Foods dual branded Golden Crumpets and Tip Top “never a boring bite” displays. 

Goodman Fielder took a different tack with Wonder bread displays taking on a community based campaign, “Help Wonder turn bread bags into play equipment for schools.”

Coles Ballarat Peel Street – VIC

Coles Maylands

The cooler weather also saw the kickoff of ‘oats’ season, with a number of Uncle Tobys tractor displays noticed by shoppers.

Coles Nerang LHS

Also noted by shoppers were soup and stock displays, although not themed some employed rustic-looking wooden crates.

Coles Hurstville

Coles Bolgawlah

In hot beverages Nestle’s life-size display of a Milo cup  with “Love a Hot Milo” branding stood out amongst the rest. Nestle also combined coffee and oats for the breakfast occasion with “Get stuck into goodness” displays.

Coles Whitford

Coles Caloundra

Mother’s Day

Although some stores featured cards and gifts at shelf, Mother’s Day was more about confectionery albeit in a more low-key way than the Cadbury executions seen earlier. Chocolate continued to feature, with Lindt and Ferrero Rocher displays. 

Coles Rouse Hill


Although a cooler quarter, cold beverages still represented 10% of total best displays voted by shoppers. Coca-Cola ruled carbonated softdrink and sports drinks stockweight with “Cheer your team home” State of Origin larger than life displays.

Coles Nerang

Coles Mermaid Waters

Coles Robina

Honourable mentions also go to the Coke-distributed Monster for scale displays in several stores.

Coles Broadway

Coles Bradshaw St

And then there’s …

This impressive stockweight snacks and drinks display in Coles Darwin for Territory Day on 1 July, seen in June.

Coles Darwin Mitchell St

An Arnotts and Krispy Kreme collaboration, “TeeVee snacks inspired by Krispy Kreme” attracted shoppers in several stores.

Coles Hornsby

So while confectionery won a quarter when it wasn’t even Easter, bakery and beverages stepped up with scale executions that stopped shoppers in their track.

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