Best Displays: Quarter 3 2021

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At Snooper we understand the importance of having great activations that benefit manufacturers, retailers and shoppers. We also believe inspiration doesn’t only come from what your direct competitors do but from other categories as well.

Therefore, each month, our Snoopers report hundreds of displays that caught their attention and take photos of them. Brands that have subscribed to ‘Snooper Best Displays’ have a full access to this library. A rich source of information that help them easily benchmark competition, find inspiration and track the number of votes by brand throughout the year.

As the ‘Best display of the Month’ report is providing a qualitative assessment of the display execution in store, Snooper can also help you assess your off-location strategy from a quantitative perspective: our ‘Share of Visibility’ report tracks share of display by category, brand and pack type.

In the 2021 winter, Mondelez was the undisputed winner of best displays, tying up more than two-thirds of the best displays across the country as voted by our Snooper shoppers, with Cadbury at 40% of all best displays.

Interestingly, categories talking to winter warmers, beyond bakery snacks and breakfast oats, were surprisingly absent.

The big call out for Beverage were new categories being Off Located. This has been showcased in the on-trend non-alcohol alternatives category, exemplified in Woolworths with Heineken 0.0

Heineken 0.0 at Woolworths, NSW

In addition to new categories being off-located, here are a few of the displays that caught our shoppers’ attention between July and September. In general, scale of display was equally important as any theming.

The Mondelez Monopoly on Displays

Mondelez had no fewer than 6 different chocolate activations in field during the quarter, and a number of these were multibrand displays from which other brands in the portfolio, namely Pascall, Natural Confectionery Company, and Oreo were beneficiaries of the halo effect of display adjacencies and inclusions.

Most mentioned by our shoppers was the ‘Help Cadbury give $100,000 so girls can get in the game’ footy related displays.

Coles Coffs Harbour – Harbour Drive

Cadbury’s Breakaway themed displays caught a number of shopper’s attention. 

Coles Aberfoyle Park

…As did the Cadbury Winter Warmers displays.

IGA Boyup Brook

Another Cadbury promotion, Spin to Win $50K, caught shoppers’ eyes in a number of locations.

SupaIGA Cornetts Gordon Vale

Some locations sported Cadbury ‘Big Flavour Small Bite’ displays, whilst others were simply scale multibranded product displays with no real theme, but their size attracted shoppers.

Supa IGA Spanos

Oreo had ‘Twist Lick Dunk’ standalone displays that shoppers noticed.

Coles Redbank Plains

Arnotts Takes Multi-Promotion Approach to win biscuit displays

Arnotts also used a multiplicity of means to garner display space, with three main activation types noticed by shoppers.

The Krispy Kreme TeeVee snack collaboration continued to hold real estate through from the autumn into the winter quarter in some stores, with ‘turn up the TeeVee snacks’ varieties displays taking several different forms noted by shoppers.

Coles Innisfail

Coles Marion

‘Grab Shapes for the Footy’ caught shoppers’ attention with scale displays in a number of stores.

Coles Glenelg Waterloo St

And Tim Tam just went with scale displays across its range.

Coles Mooroopna

And then there’s … Cold Beverages in Winter

Although the winter quarter, cold beverages still represented  just over 10% of total best displays voted by shoppers.

Coca-Cola garnered space with its eye-catching ‘Taste the Action’ footy entertaining themed activations.

Coles Southlands

V Energy scored some space through taking a different tack, with the launch of its new Maximus product.

Coles Glenelg, SA

Last but not least … some actual Winter categories

This huge Uncle Tobys Oats display was one of the few winter season -related category displays to catch shoppers’ attention.

SupaIGA Cornetts Bundaberg North

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