October Best Displays

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At Snooper we understand the importance of having great activations that benefit manufacturers, retailers and shoppers. We also believe inspiration doesn’t only come from what your direct competitors do but from other categories as well.

Therefore, each month, our Snoopers report hundreds of displays that caught their attention and take photos of them. Brands that have subscribed to ‘Snooper Best Displays’ have a full access to this library. A rich source of information that help them easily benchmark competition, find inspiration and track the number of votes by brand throughout the year.


Here is a sneak peek at the displays that particularly caught shoppers’ attention in October, with Halloween being a key moment for major players in the confectionery category! The increasing popularity of the event Down Under is undeniable; as a result, the estimated spend on confectionery was $160M last year.  An amount that is worth the fight to get the highest share of visibility! 

The supremacy of Mondelez

Similar to last year, Cadbury displays were particularly appreciated by our community of shoppers, and spotted all over Australia. Almost 45% of the ‘Best Display’ photos we have received in October reported Cadbury activations!  

This year, Cadbury inspired shoppers to  ‘Haunt Their Home’. Our community reported different versions of displays, the massive Cadbury house being a real classic. Covered with spider web, this display was highly visible, but also created an amazing in-store experience, capturing shoppers’ attention, and more importantly driving shoppers intention to purchase!

Coles Hurstville – NSW

Coles University Hill – VIC

Coles Waterloo – NSW

Coles Asquith – NSW

Coles Arundel – QLD

Mars fights for its share of visibility

Mars also invested in off-location displays to compete for its share of the Halloween market. The impressive ‘cemetery installation’ was quite a surprise for our shoppers! Spotted at Woolworth, this display was perfectly executed, with details that participated in creating a scary atmosphere!

Other versions of the “Join the party” theme of 2020 were photographed by our community, with spectacular manors inhabited by haunted M&Ms! 

Woolworths Helensvale – QLD

Coles Sunnybank Hills – QLD

Woolworths Morayfield Sc – QLD

If a careful consideration was given to off-location displays, we also spotted a few floor stickers in aisle, promoting the Halloween favourites from both Cadbury and Mars.























Ferrero stays in the race

Ferrero showcased its Kinder products oustide the aisle thanks to several display types. Despite their smaller size, these “Treat the Tricksters” displays were voted as ‘Best display’ in many Coles and Woolworths stores all across the country. 

Woolworths Midland Centrepoint – WA

Coles Bondi Junction – NSW

Coles Edgecliff – NSW


Halloween pumpkins were as usual the real highlight at store entrance.


Woolworths Woy Woy – NSW

Woolworths Double Bay – NSW

Woolworths Elizabeth Way – SA

If Halloween was the key event of October, our community of shoppers reported other inspiring displays, perfectly executed. Here is a selection of some of the most impactful activations.

Our selection of other inspiring activations

 P&G activation for Herbal Essence seen at Coles St Agnes – SA


Kellogs themed its Pringles activation around ‘Footy Finals’ – seen at Woolworths Cherrybrook Village – NSW

Great display for RTD Seltzers seen at Dan Murphys Mona Vale – NSW

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