How & Why

3 easy steps to reach in-store excellence and adopt a lean go-to-market field strategy

How it works

Step 1: Data collection

Activate thousands of Snooper’s independent data collectors based on a detailed briefing to collect images of your execution in store

Step 2: Digitisation

We process, verify and analyse the images and generates highly granular KPIs at store and SKU level

Step 3: Reporting

Get actionable insights
through your dedicated online dashboards highlighting growth opportunities in almost real-time

Our purpose

Giving you the key to adopt a lean go-to-market field strategy

Our objective is to increase the efficiency of your field team, by allowing them to prioritise their retail execution tasks on high-value activities such as sales and merchandising.

By outsourcing auditing and reporting, you allow them to constantly focus on what matters, where it matters: going after untapped potential and taking corrective actions across retail channels that require attention to get the greatest ROI.

What are the benefits?

Benefit 1: Get instant visibility at scale & identify opportunities

Benefit 2: Reallocate field resources

Benefit 3: Focus on growth generating activities

Before adopting crowdsourcing



Time consuming collection

Slow to action

Hard to collect

Transactional data

After adopting crowdsourcing

Cost effective


Focus on high-value activities



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