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Snooper is now Wiser Solutions. Discover our full online and in-store Commerce Execution suite and learn what it means for our customers.


Seen on TV

7News tested Snooper App

Discover what The Morning Show says about Snooper. We couldn't have better explained what we do! Great Job 7News!

Seen on TV

9News talked to a Snooper

Follow Kylie, a Snooper from QLD who already made more than $8,000 by using Snooper while shopping.


Snooper + Trax Retail

We are excited to work with Trax Retail to provide a consumer-centric store auditing solution, combining image recognition and the power of the crowd for better efficiency and enhanced insights across retail channels at unprecedented speed and scale.

Snooper charity

Fund raising

Snoop for Good

Following the devastating bushfires and the unprecedented crisis affecting the Australian communities, the Snooper team decided to launch a new initiative to help support those in needs.

Snooper Indonesia


Winner of Digitaraya accelerator

In March, Snooper was selected to join the Digitaraya accelerator from Simona Venture in Jakarta in collaboration with Google and Gojek. 11 Female founders from APAC participated to what was an amazing week filled with plenty of learning opportunities and inspiring moments.

Snooper Amatil X


8 Weeks at Coca-Cola Amatil

8 weeks to scale our solution throughout the entire Coca-Cola Amatil organisation. 8 weeks to demonstrate the power of Snooper across multiple departments, get Amatil’s feedback on our current platform and brainstorm ideas on how to build the product of the future.

Snooper Your money

Seen on TV

your money show

Last week, Laurie, co-founder and CEO of Snooper was interviewed in live by Chris and Brook on the ‘Your Money’ show. Check the 7 minutes interview now

Snooper Amatil X


Snooper joins Amatil X-celerate

We are proud to announce that Snooper was selected to be one of the 3 scale-ups to be selected by Coca-Cola Amatil to take part in their accelerator program, Xcelerate.

Snooper Startcon


Best mobile app startup

Snooper wins the title of ‘Best Mobile App Start-up’ at Startcon. Over 200 nominations in 14 categories and an overall winner were reviewed by juries. Winners were determined by over 50,000 popular votes.

Snooper muru-D


Snooper selected for muru-D, Telstra accelerator

The Telstra-run startup program showcased its latest batch of entrants in Sydney with a number of marketing and media focused new businesses.


Snooper scores $1M investment

Snooper, a platform that allows brands and retailers to collect data by having consumers complete ‘missions’ related to their products in stores, has raised $1 million in a funding round led by Microequities Venture Capital.


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