What we track

The Perfect Store Execution

We help you design your Perfect Store strategy and achieve execution excellence by tracking actionable KPIs and prioritising your key sales drivers.

Shelf layout

With 70% shoppers making their decision in front of the shelf, Snooper helps you  increase conversion at the moment of truth by improving visibility and shoppability.

What we track

  • Share of shelf & facings
  • Position on shelf
  • Brand blocking
  • Aisle flow
  • Shelf execution quality (shelf stripping, shelf ready trays, shelf header)

Range & availability

Don’t let on-shelf availability, be a barrier to your brand growth, especially during peak times, promo weeks or key selling periods.

What we track

  • Top SKUs distribution
  • Share of assortment
  • On-shelf availability
  • Compliance with minimum display quantity
  • Impact of day / time of day on stock level
  • Impact of planogram indicators (e.g. share of shelf) on stock level

Pricing & Promotion

The Snooper Promo trackers monitors on shelf and off-location promotion so you can maximise the return on investment of your activations as well as learning best practices from brands or categories.

What we track

  • Promo intensity
  • Promo mechanics
  • Promo execution
  • Share of off-location space (display/gondola ends)


The Snooper Macrospace trackers allow you to track your own assets across thousands of national and independent stores and get better visibility on retailers in-store assets and touch points.


What we track

  • Store assets
  • Own assets mapping
  • Touchpoints

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